IGP S200

The IGP S200 GOBO Projector IP65 235W GOBO Projector is ideal both for outdoor wide-format advertising with a large throw distance and for projecting pedestrian crosswalks.  High quality optical system offers sharp vivid image. This unit made from 6063 aluminum and equipped with an original Taiwan Mean-Well power supply. It comes with 4 different lenses to choose from: 10 °/ 30 °/ 45 °/ 60 °. The IGP S200 is a powerful device for integrating graphics, visual effects, textures in outdoor and outdoor lighting designs.  

Projection solutions: Zebra crossing | Large building facade projection | Safety signs |Architectural lighting | Christmas projections

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  • OSRAM Chip LED
  • Visible in any weather
  • Protected from cold and moisture

• Equipped with rotation mode
• Beam angle 10°/30°/45° or 60°
• Projectors can be operated at extreme temperatures (-40° to +40°)
• The kit includes a remote control with memory mode
• Adverse weather conditions such as, fog, snow, slush, mud, rain do not affect the quality of the projection
• Projectors do not require additional maintenance after installation
• Overheating protection
• Projection distance: from 1 to 200 meters

Power: 235W
Dust and moisture protection level: IP65
Input voltage: 100-240 Volts
Scheme of 10 optical lenses
Power supply "MEAN WELL" HLG-240A
Forced cooling - 2 coolers
Overheating protection
Overpressure equalization valves
Light Temperature: White (8000K)
Beam angle: 10°/ 30° / 45° /60°
Dimensions L/W/H: 310mm / 205 mm / 215 mm Housing
Material: Aluminum 6063
Case Color: Black
Weight: 5.3 kg
Installation: mounting on a flat surface