Designed to project images on walls, ceilings or floors 
Economical model with excellent brightness
The best value for money

The IGP S2 is a waterproof outdoor and indoor projector, which has IP 65 moisture and dust protection. It can be used even in extreme weather condition all year round. Despite its small size, the IGP S2 is brighter than most 60 Watt products made by other competitors.
The IGP S2 is recommended for use in shopping malls, hospitals, spa centers, small shops, trade fairs, art zones, museums, business centers and service halls indoor and outdoor use.

The GOBO image can be changed without any tools.
Easy and fast installation.
Low power consumption.

  • Brighter than most 60 Watt products made by other competitors
  • Visible in any weather
  • The projection is visible in rain, snow, fog and slush
  • Protected from cold and moisture
  • The projectors can be operated at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +40°C)


• Wide range of operating voltages and temperatures
• Beam angle 15°
• The projectors can be operated at extreme temperatures (-40° to +40°)
• Adverse weather conditions as, fog, snow, slush, mud, rain do not affect the quality of the projection
• The projectors do not require additional maintenance after installation
• Vibration resistance
•Projection distance: 1 to 30 meters


Power: 20W
Dust and moisture protection level: IP65
Overheating protection
Overpressure equalization valves
Light temperature - White (8000K)
Glow Color: Cold
Input voltage, AC 88-265v
LED chip operating voltage, DC 12-14V
Dimensions L/W/H: 110mm / 145mm / 250mm                                                                   
Body Material: Aluminum 6063
Case Color: Black
Weight: 0.9 kg
Installation: mounting on a flat surface