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Unfortunately, the number of accidents on the road involving pedestrians is growing every year. This is mainly due to the fact that pedestrians and drivers are becoming more distracted by their phones and other gadgets.
After receiving a large number of requests from road services, we decided to design a special model that would be sufficient, but not too bright for projecting crosswalks. 
That’s how we created the projector IGP S200 plus, which we widely use specifically to project crosswalks. 
The maximum number of accidents involving pedestrians happen at night, and during bad weather (fog, rain, snowfall) conditions, when it’s almost impossible to see a pedestrian wearing dark clothes crossing the road. The projected crosswalk can make things better, since the projection can be seen from 150 meters away. Seeing a pedestrian from such a distance, the driver has enough time to slow down.
During the last two years, we installed more than 2000 projected pedestrian crossings, and we have already collected the information that the number of accidents in those areas has decreased by 25%.



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